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AlgaRED™  V.S  Commercial Krill Oil

Commercial Krill Oil
Astaxanthin content1000 ppm>40mg
EPA (per gram)>40mg120mg
DHA (per gram)>85mg70mg
Omega-3 (per gram)>155mg250mg
SourceAlgaeAnimal sourced of astaxanthin
TasteLightStrong shrimp taste and smell
Culture methodClosed systemOpened system or natural breeding in the ocean
Water ContaminationNOPossible of residue
Water Solubility & BioavailabilityVery highHigh
ApplicationCapsule, powder sachet, liquid drinkSoft gel capsule
Processing limitationSuitable in variety of processing methodLimited
ConsumerVegetarian, Non-VegetarianNon-Vegetarian