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Water solubility of AlgaRED™ is greater than commercial krill oil and fish oil


Krill Oil

Fish Oil

AlgaRED™ is a pure, clean, algae based vegetal krill oil analogue containing high concentration of DHA / EPA and 10-times more Astaxanthin than commercial krill oil, and doesn’t have shrimp smell. In addition, by Chambio's PUFA-Sealing™ technology, AlgaRED™ can be presented in powder form , which breaks the limitations of shelf-life and product applicability of commercial krill oil.

▌Algae Origin : Schizochytrium sp. & Haematococcus pluvialis
▌Light smell, no“shrimpy”odor
▌Active substance:
Powder form: DHA+EPA+Astaxanthin
Oil form: DHA+EPA+Astaxanthin+Phospholipids (on demand)
▌Recommended Dosage: 1-2g/day
▌Suitable for vegetarian
▌Oil form and Powder form with superb water solubility an bioavailability
▌Broad applications: capsules, powder, tablet, liquid, general foods, etc